Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Journalism is my dream job and my calling, I'm confident of that fact. However, I'm not confident in my abilities to go after that dream. It's too difficult to get into the profession, with pay. Journalists write journals. That's exactly what they do, so my new journaling is getting me headed in the right direction. I have lots of questions and hopefully I will see connections more clearly than storing them in my brain.

Some of my bi-polar moments- aggressive driving only because the other person is being inconsiderate of other drivers. The deck issue. Absolutely livid about it, but no gonads to do anything but complain. Parish McKinney's office. Outraged voicemail's at 11:00 PM, knowing nobody was there. I'm to scared to go up to the office to pick up my paperwork. I can slam the shit out of someone but can't confront them.

Amanda, my therapist has been saying I have avoidance problems, and now I'm able to see why. It's why I was bullied in school.

I heavily rely on the dictionary and thesaurus

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